• Oliver Frampton

Top tips for keeping your dog calm during fireworks

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Brighton and other big cities can be a bit of a nightmare for people and animals that don’t like fireworks. It’s easy to forget the effect bonfire night can have on our furry friends, causing stress for your dog as well as you. Following the steps below should help make life more comfortable on 5th November.

1. Make sure they get loads of exercise during the day. Take them for their big walk during daylight hours so that you can batten down the hatches when the sun goes down.

2. Create some safe spaces in places you know they like with blankets to absorb sounds and provide comfort if they want to retreat.

3. White noise is brilliant for providing a blanket noise to muffle out loud bangs. You can buy machines online at a reasonable price or just play through your phone or laptop. Alternatively you could leave the radio on. Classic FM are even broadcasting a radio show dedicated to pets on Firework night.

4. ACT NORMAL – if you’re stressing and pacing back and forth, following your dog they will quickly perceive something is wrong. Behaving normally will show them the noises are nothing to worry about.

5. Treats! You can’t go wrong with giving your dog a new toy or bone to chew on to keep them distracted.

If your dog still shows signs of stress after the fireworks cease, then consider seeking advice from your vet. The Take Me Walkies gang will be having an extra long dog walk on the day so that everyone is suitably tired.

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