FAQ's :

1. What do we need to do to become a client?

Just give us a call or send us a message (see Contact page) and we will come to you for an initial consultation and to walk your dog(s). If we are satisfied that your dog is able to join our group walks we will ask you to read our T&C's. 

2.  What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that life throws in unavoidable hurdles sometimes, so we are fairly flexible; If a dog is cancelled within 24 hours before a walk it is booked for, full fee will be charged. If you are cancelling for more than one walk, then we ask for 7 days notice. So if you were to cancel walks for the rest of the week that you have already booked in, full price will be charged.

3. Do you walk bitches in season?

No - we don't for obvious reasons. With regards unneutered males, it is our policy to review individual dogs based on their behaviour, but certainly any overtly dominant and/or threatening behaviour towards people and other dogs is not tolerated in a group walk situation. If your dog does come into season, we will not walk her for the duration and for five days after her season ends.

4. What time are your walks?

We take two group walks a day so the choice is yours as to which your dog joins. If yours is an overweight or active breed, you may want them on both!

5. Do you walk in all weathers?

We walk come rain or shine. However, in extreme weather we will always assess conditions on the day and advise clients in advance. On very hot days we ensure dogs are walked in wooded areas earlier on the day. On rainy days we make sure dogs are returned home as clean as possible and will jet-spray and towel-dry dirty dogs so they - and your house - are clean!

6. What kind of transportation do you have?

Our van is a Citroen Dispatch that is fitted with very robust dog Barjo dog transportation cages. We only take groups of a maximum six dogs and there are enough cages for one dog per cage.

7. Do you offer a discount for block bookings?

Unfortunately not anymore. 

8. What is your policy regarding aggressive dogs and irresponsible owners?

See point 2 above. We only visit the safest areas frequented by responsible dog owners. Of course some people do let dogs with known behavioural issues off the lead, unmuzzled in areas they know to be lead free. This type of situation is usually fairly easily anticipated and in case of any emergency, we are knowledgeable in first aid techniques and always carry your vet's details.

9. Do you walk all breeds?

Yes - we aren't 'breedist' and will take dogs on their own merit. On our group walks we take care to select compatible breeds as well as similar activity levels/sizes. 

10. Who else works for you?

TMW is Oliver Frampton as the business owner and we only employ insured, police checked and experienced dog owners as helpers.